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Noha M. Gaber Amin, PhD

July 17, 2020

The Endocrine Society is committed to growing a global network of leading experts in endocrinology from around the world. We celebrate the contributions of Dr. Noha M. Gaber Amin, PhD, who has served as a representative of the Egyptian Association of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Atherosclerosis (EAEDA) during the 2019 Global Leadership Academy as well as serving on the Endocrine Society’s Global Engagement Advisory Group.

Dr. Amin, is an assistant Professor of Diabetes, Metabolism, and Lipidology, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt. She graduated from Faculty of Medicine in 2004 with excellent grades; in 2005 she worked as a House Officer in Alexandria Main University Hospital. In 2006 she held a job of Resident in the Department of Diabetes & Metabolism & Lipidology, Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University. In 2010, she got an academic post as an Assistant Lecturer at the same Department. In 2014 she got an academic post as a Lecturer until October 2019.

She has been involved as a student at Cardiff Postgraduate Diabetes Diploma and received a Master Science in diabetes from Cardiff University in 2015. Being interested in teaching and sharing the knowledge between different cultures, she is an honorary lecturer in the distant learning postgraduate diabetes diploma at University of South Wales, UK from 2016 until now.

She is looking for future regional changes and international participation in multi-centric studies regarding the management of diabetes and lipid disorders. She was a member of the team of Diabetic foot care project (IDF-BRIDGES-Alexandria University). She is a member of CRC (Clinical Research Centre) of Alexandria University in multi-centric internationally audited trials since 2010 until now. She is a certified diabetes educator using conversation map tools since 2014. We thank Dr. Amin for her service to creating a stronger global endocrine community.

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