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Ricardo F. Arrais, MD, PhD

October 06, 2021

Ricardo Arrais, M.D., Ph.D., received his medical degree at Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP-EPM) Escola Paulista de Medicina in 1985. In 1988, he completed his medical residency in pediatrics and went on to receive a pediatrics focused master’s degree in 1994. Dr. Arrais earned a Ph.D. on Clinical Endocrinology in 2005, along with all degrees at EPM. 

Dr. Arrais was born and raised in São Paulo, but in 1997 he moved to Natal, Brazil, to provide pediatric endocrinology services. In 2003, he started a residence program of pediatric endocrinology. Since then, more than 30 professionals are trained to provide services at the Federal University of Rio Grande Do Norte, where Dr. Arrais works as an Associate Professor. He also is a research collaborator at the LAIS (Laboratório de Inovação Tecnológica em Saúde - Technology Innovation on Health Laboratories). For 10 years, he has worked alongside a group of very diverse professionals in health, technology, informatics, and communication to develop tools to enhance electronic health; such as recording data applications and programs, diabetes related devices, and other subjects in pediatric endocrinology, such as growth and puberty disorders.

What is your favorite Endocrine Society memory?
My experience at online Endocrine Society meetings. 

What advice would you give for someone looking to become more involved in the Endocrine Society?
It is important to get connected to peers and colleagues from abroad to expand and share personal and professional experiences.

How has the Endocrine Society supported your professional development/career journey?
It has opened channels to access to quality scientific content in the field of endocrinology. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Ride my mountain bike. 

If you could ask your peers in Endocrinology one question, what would it be?
How have you kept patients and students motivated and positive?

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