An Important Note from Endocrine Society Leadership

June 10, 2020

Dear Endocrine Society Members,

As we wrestle together through a pandemic, we now find ourselves embroiled in another challenge, but this one has been around much longer. We are talking about racism and discrimination, and as citizens protest around the world in response to a death that crystallized this reality, it is important for us to remember that hatred, inequality, and intolerance also bear their destructive effects in education, in research, and in our healthcare systems. Advocating for fair treatment and equal opportunity for all citizens is a core value of the Endocrine Society.

Health disparities in endocrine disorders, particularly among minority and other under-served communities, are well-known, as are disparities in the number of minorities gaining access to careers in research and medicine.

The Endocrine Society has long believed that more equal societies are healthier societies. This year we are celebrating a 25-year milestone in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that began with the formation of our Minority Affairs Committee, now known as our Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI). Know that we have a permanent channel for communication at [email protected], and would encourage all of you to let us know how CODI could better support you in this troubled time.

One of the committee's priorities is the Future Leaders Advancing Research in Endocrinology (FLARE) program, aimed at advancing the careers of underrepresented graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early stage faculty involved in endocrine-related research. Since 2013, FLARE has equipped 150 underrepresented minority senior graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and clinical fellows with essential leadership skills, advanced mentoring and networking and career development through internships, and opportunities to give back to the scientific community through service in the Society or as near-peer mentors for younger trainees.

Our systematic approach that integrates diversity and inclusion into our core programs to increase education in health disparities and unconscious bias has increased the proportion of underrepresented groups in our leadership pipeline to further advance our mission. Many of our FLARE fellows and alums are now leaders in the Endocrine Society and their institutions.

We are proud to embrace diversity and our commitment to including all of our colleagues in our mission to advance excellence in endocrinology and to promote its essential and integrative role in scientific discovery, medical practice, and human health.

Therefore, we strongly oppose efforts that create barriers to professional advancement, access to care and the exchange of scientific information, particularly those that are based on differences in race, ethnicity, and country of origin. We will continue to welcome support and advocate for scientists, clinicians, and patients from around the globe because science, like disease, has no borders.

To the very best in our shared humanity,

Gary D. Hammer, MD, PhD
E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD 
Immediate Past President
Carol Wysham, MD
Endocrine Society
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