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February 12, 2021

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CoDI) recently presented a series of recommendations to the Board of Directors to formally integrate DEI into all aspects of the Society’s work. These recommendations build on the work of the 2016 Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (DITF) that was charged with recommending strategies to integrate contemporary approaches broadening DEI among all society activities and address endocrine health disparities.  

The Board is fully committed to our DEI efforts, and commends CoDI for its leadership in advancing and promoting Society-wide implementation of these initiatives. The Board met virtually this fall to discuss these recommendations and determine next steps, including engaging our committees in how we strengthen our diverse representation, education, training and resources, and member development efforts. 

Below is a summary of the conversation and decisions made by the Board: 

    1) Incorporate a written commitment to DEI in committee charges
    In 2021, we are asking all committees to update their charges to include a written commitment to DEI. With the understanding that you possess a deeper knowledge of your respective committee’s area of focus, we will defer to you to decide on how to best implement this commitment to DEI.  

    2) Encourage increased collaboration between CoDI and all committees 
    As an example, Advocacy and Public Outreach Core Committee (APOCC) and CoDI are jointly developing a policy perspective analyzing root causes for racial basis in endocrinology.  The Board recognizes the importance of communication between committees and we are currently exploring a more intentional approach to facilitating these collaborations.   

    3) Create an annual or semi-annual Diversity Town Hall with committee chairs 
    We agreed that this initiative will enhance cross-communication between committees on DEI issues. To further amplify our efforts, we would like to hold this type of event in conjunction with ENDO to reinforce that this is a priority to the Society. The Board will be asking CoDI to incorporate the design and planning for this event in their workplan, and we will keep you informed and engaged as this planning gets underway.  

    4) Offer unconscious bias training for member leaders 
    We previously deployed unconscious bias digital training (Managing Bias and Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace) to the Board, committee chairs, CoDI and Nominating Committee. The Board agreed that this training reinforces the importance of DEI and our commitment to apply this knowledge to reduce the negative effects of bias. Staff will work with member leaders to integrate this DEI training into the committee ‘onboarding’ process in support of our leadership development commitment.

The initiatives described above reflect tangible actions we can take together to embrace our commitment to diversity and inclusion, but there are additional activities we plan to pursue as part of our ongoing journey, including efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate endocrine-related health disparities and improve health care for all. Should you have additional ideas for consideration, please let us know.

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