The Society’s first global outreach program for patients and providers

EndoCares is a global outreach program that provides medical resources, coaching, and education to local providers and patients suffering from endocrine-related conditions in underserved areas of the world. Moreover, EndoCares fosters the next generation of endocrinologists and health care providers by creating opportunities to further their education and professional network. Together, this program provides an empowering educational experience to improve the patient’s self-care while furthering the training of local healthcare providers.

EndoCares was launched in 2016, in Peru, through strategic partnerships with three local organizations: Sociedad Peruana de Endocrinologia, Asociación de Diabetes del Peru, and Liga Peruana de Lucha Contra la Diabetes.

During the first year alone EndoCares reached +1,000 healthcare providers, approximately 500 patients with T2DM, 100 patients with T1DM and key government officials in charge of healthcare policy.

Since its launch, EndoCares has been held in Argentina, Brazil and the United States while continued to be held on an annual basis in Peru. In all cases, the Endocrine Society works closely with local organizations and members to serve the specific needs of the local provider and patient communities. To date, our EndoCares program has provided free of charge education to thousands of providers, patients and caregivers in the areas of Bone, Thyroid and Diabetes.

In 2017, EndoCares was recognized by the American Society of Association Executives with a Power of A Silver Award.

How to Get Involved

  • As a volunteer. Staff one of our programs or help develop locally relevant educational resources.
  • As an educator. Help develop an educational program for health care professionals.
  • As a sponsor. Help support the development of a program around the world by providing financial support.

Please direct all inquiries to Lynette Fludd, Associate Director of Patient Engagement.

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