Global Leadership Academy

The Global Leadership Academy (GLA) — hosted by the Endocrine Society — is an invitation-only program designed to celebrate and further develop the talent of emerging leaders within the endocrine research and clinical communities.    

Each year, national endocrine societies from around the world support the GLA by nominating and sponsoring exceptional mid-career leaders (clinicians and scientists who are between 5-10 years post formal training) from within their membership to participate in this exclusive global cohort.  Nominees accepted into the GLA receive a series of virtual and in-person case-based leadership development trainings to help accelerate their careers and build connections between their local societies and Endocrine Society leaders. 

About the Program

Global Leadership Academy - Testimonial“The GLA brought me together with young professionals with whom I was able to share similar concerns, aspirations and career challenges. It also helped me shape my professional profile, better understand communication at work and better work on developing my network. It was impressive for me how much a single day was able to help me in my daily professional profile.” – Maya Barake, MD, MSc, 2019 Attendee Sponsored by LSEDL

The GLA program is a hybrid workshop which blends virtual and in-person leadership training and networking opportunities. 

Upon their acceptance into the Academy, participants are expected to complete several virtual leadership modules and to discuss these assigned activities and webinars with their GLA cohort via an exclusive online community. Participants will then gather for a full day of leadership training and networking on June 10, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia, before attending ENDO from June 11-14, 2022.  

Through these virtual assignments and by interacting with our expert faculty on-site in Atlanta, participants can expect to hone skills such as:

  • Building global professional networks
  • Identifying personal leadership styles
  • Utilizing effective communications and negotiations tactics
  • Strategies for promoting their work - what we call “Signature Stories”

Attendees are expected to participate in the formal GLA program as well as stay for the entirety of ENDO. For more examples on skills and trainings participants can expect from the GLA, please see the 2019 workshop agenda here.

Additional Benefits

Global Leadership Academy - 2019 Mentor PresentationThose accepted into the GLA program can expect the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Leadership trainings offered by professional development experts;
  • Access to expert faculty, comprised of respected Endocrine Society leaders;
  • Access to an exclusive GLA online community;
  • Complimentary ENDO 2022 registration with access to all the clinical and scientific sessions;
  • An invitation to the Presidential Reception at ENDO 2022;
  • Invitations to future GLA receptions and/or networking events, hosted at ENDO each year to facilitate networking among GLA cohorts.

Nominations and Eligibility

Nominees for the 2022 GLA cohort must meet the following criteria:

  • Nominated by a national or regional medical and/or scientific society whose mission and vision positively impacts the field of endocrinology research and patient care;
  • Nominated by a national or regional medical and/or scientific society who is willing to sponsor the nominee’s travel expenses (flights, ground transportation, hotel, and per diem);
  • Considered a “mid-career” scientist or practitioner (5-10 years post formal training, either clinical or post-doctoral fellowships);
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership potential either at their place of work and/or at the society sponsoring their nomination;
  • Willing to participate in an online community and complete pre-meeting assignments;
  • Willing to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the June 10 GLA workshop and the ENDO meeting;
  • Preference is given to those nominees who have never attended ENDO and for GLA 2020 candidates who were unable to attend the 2020 workshop due to cancellations caused by COVID-19.
  • Must be proficient in English to participate in all assignments and meetings.

Global Leadership Academy - Testimonial“I was honored to be part of the 2019 Global Leadership Academy planning. The program has multiple value in both supporting the career development of outstanding endocrine scientists from around the world and by facilitating global communication networks that will result in improved research and patient outcomes." – Simon Rhodes, BSC, PhD, University of North Florida

COVID-19 Precautions and Contingency Planning

If we are unable to host the 2022 GLA program and/or participants from certain regions are unable to travel to Atlanta due to the uncertainties caused by COVID-19 and emerging variants, the Endocrine Society will continue to provide virtual learning opportunities for GLA participants, an exclusive online community, and/or webinar trainings and networking events for all accepted participants. Participants who complete these online trainings will be considered GLA alumni and will receive a certificate of completion for the program and are invited to all future GLA networking events and alumni training opportunities hosted virtually and/or at future ENDO meetings once travel has resumed.

Partnering Societies

The Endocrine Society is proud to share that the following organizations have sponsored participants for previous GLA cohorts:


Thank you to Sanofi Peru for sponsoring the inaugural Global Leadership Academy in 2017.

For more information on how to sponsor the GLA, submit a nominee for the 2022 cohort, and/or explore hosting a regional GLA program in your region, please contact Alexa Dimock at [email protected].

2019 Global Leadership Academy Attendees

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