Women in Endocrinology

Equality for women in all aspects of society is vital to ensuring human progress and that includes endocrinology. While progress has been made over the past half-century, there is still a long way to go including resolving pay disparities and ensuring representation in leadership.

“Female physicians are increasing in number: women now make up nearly one-half of United States medical school graduates, up from just 7% 50 years ago.”Female Physicians and the Future of Endocrinology

Thematic Issue: Women in Endocrinology 2019

Women in Endocrinology 2019

Endocrinology combines fundamental scientific discovery and medical care that greatly influence human health. Publication of research is necessary to advance our understanding of endocrine science; however, women remain a minority as first and senior authors in endocrinology publications. This special thematic issue focuses on research performed and published by women in endocrinology and highlights the influence that their work has had on fellow scientists and clinicians today. Topics include studies of single-cell RNA sequencing in the pituitary gland, innovative technology used to record neuronal activity in free moving animals, and the impact of gut microbes on PCOS.

Endocrine News Podcast

Listen to the Endocrine News Podcast special series on discussions with female researchers featured in the thematic issue. Episodes include:

“It is important to celebrate and support women in science, including endocrinology, as they may serve as role models to inspire girls to pursue a career in science. I am honored to have been a part of this effort to help more female researchers advance in their careers.”Jenny Visser, PhD

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