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January 24, 2022
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Learn more about educational opportunities and resources that supported our values and mission to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the field of endocrinology.

Videos of Past DEI Programs and Events

Reducing Health Disparities: Addressing Disparities in Obesity Webinar

Our new webinar series Reducing Health Disparities – Improving Healthcare highlights the importance of health disparities research to science and healthcare. Our first webinar, Addressing Disparities in Obesity, explored the nature and extent of disparities in obesity affecting minority communities, community specific programs as treatment models to reduce disparities in these populations, and health equity best practices to identify actions to address obesity disparities. 

Speaker(s): Eric Bomberg, MD, MAS; and Rocio I. Pereira, MD

100 Years of Insulin: Breaking Down Barriers to Diabetes Care

A discussion on the historical and present-day racial and socio-economic barriers to diabetes care as well as strategies to improve health outcomes in disadvantaged communities.

Speakers: Joshua Jospeh, MD, Ohio State University Medical Center and Leonor Corsino, MD , Duke University

The Lessons Learned from the History of Identifying and Addressing Health Disparities in Endocrinology and Diabetes

This ENDO 2021 session provided a broad historical perspective on the emergence of research showing dramatic racial and ethnic disparities in endocrine related disorders such as diabetes. The biological basis and clinical risk factors of endocrine health disparities and factors that help improve health indicators and potentially close the gap between racial and ethnic groups were presented. 

Speaker: Sherita Golden, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Addressing the Impact of Structural Racism on Endocrinology and Health Care

This ENDO 2021 session addressed structural and institutional racism and how these issues have led to social determinants of health that contribute to risk of obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. You will also hear more on the importance of integrating strategies to address social determinants of health into clinical and population health models.

Speakers: Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH, Massachusetts General Hospital, Joshua Joseph, MD, Ohio State University, and Bryan Wilson, MD, MBA, Merck & Co.

Reducing the Bias: Ways Perceptions Influence Behavior and How We Can Do Better

This ENDO 2021 session explored conscious and unconscious bias towards individuals of different groups, its impact on research and healthcare outcomes, and techniques for reducing and/or working to eliminate bias, including allyship

Speaker: Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD, PhD, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Breaking Barriers to Care

This ENDO 2020 on-demand scientific session covered health disparities in Glomerular filtration rate, unconscious bias in clinical care, and how to increase patient participation in clinical trials. 

Speakers: Nwamaka Eneanya, MD, MPH, Penn Medicine, and James Gavin, III, MD, PhD, Emory University

Additional DEI Resources 

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