ExCEL Workshop

October 29, 2021

The ExCEL program allows you to receive individualized professional development through structured and comprehensive leadership training. This training which begins with the ExCEL Leadership Workshop will help you prepare and successfully transition into your chosen career path.

About the Workshop

In-person workshop sessions will address a range of topics from financial management and business matters to team building and communicating across settings. The program includes various opportunities for peer-to-peer connections and individual conversations with faculty. The workshop has been designed to empower URM emerging physicians for successful transition into clinical care and endocrinology leadership. 

Workshop topics include:

  • Identifying Your Natural Leadership and Communication Styles
  • Career Pathways in Clinical Endocrinology
  • The Business of Healthcare
  • Money Matters
  • Endocrine Leaders in Practice from Influence, Negotiations to Team Building to Managing Career in Practice and Community Settings
  • Communication Strategies
  • And more
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