Dr. Richard T. O'Grady

Richard T. O'Grady, PhD, CAE joined the Endocrine Society as Chief Publications Officer in 2015. Dr. O'Grady has 25 years combined experience in nonprofit and for-profit scholarly publishing and executive management. Most recently, he was at the American Institute of Biological Sciences where he served as Publisher and CEO. During his tenure with AIBS, he co-founded the BioOne nonprofit publishing company in conjunction with the Institute, university and library partners to place more than 180 scientific journals in an online, subscription based/open access hybrid model. He transformed AIBS's monthly peer reviewed journal, BioScience, from print only publishing at a loss to online publishing at a profit with an open access option. He created a revenue program within the Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services Division to review client grant proposals in medicine, biotechnology and advanced technologies and launched ActionBioscience.org, a bilingual website publishing peer reviewed articles in genomics, biotech and science policy. He also served as a Vice President at Taylor & Francis, managing 80 books and journals annually and specializing in business development and acquisitions.

Dr. O'Grady has broad experience as a Publisher and an Editor-in-Chief directing multi-journal programs in print and online, developing budgets, tracking performance, managing contractors and consultants, supporting editorial, production and sales teams and working with authors, EICs and editorial boards. He earned his BSc and PhD in Biology from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and his MSc in Biology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

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