Anand Vaidya, MD, MMSc

September 19, 2019

Dr. Vaidya is currently the Director of the Center for Adrenal Disorders at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. He oversees the multi-disciplinary clinical care of patients with adrenal diseases and runs a translational research program.

His research has helped characterize and redefine the severity spectrum of primary aldosteronism, the optimal approaches to treating primary aldosteronism, the genetics of pheochromocytoma-paraganglioma syndromes, and the systemic consequences of adrenal tumors and hypercortisolism.

Dr. Vaidya is a dedicated educator; he is the director of the pre-clerkship endocrinology curriculum at HMS, he directs the interactive medical case series for The New England Journal of Medicine, and he regularly teaches clinical audiences about updates in adrenal diseases.

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