Corporate Liaison Board


The Corporate Liaison Board (CLB) forges a partnership between the Endocrine Society and senior executives in industry.  It is a unique consortium of thought leaders and stakeholders assembled to discuss ideas and goals for the future of endocrinology.

Leaders from companies who have experience in the field provides vital perspective to the Endocrine Society’s overarching mission. Through participation in the CLB, members have a forum to share their perspective with the Endocrine Society leaders represents on issues, such as clinical education, healthcare legislation, or patient education. Additionally, members have access to an array of benefits while showing leadership within in their fields.

If you have a question about your membership or are interested in joining the Corporate Liaison Board, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 202-971-3636.

Corporate Liaison Board Members

Corporate Liaison Board Mission Statement

The Corporate Liaison Board (CLB) supports the Endocrine Society mission of advancing patient care by:

  • Promoting reciprocal partnerships with the business, medical, and scientific leadership of the respective organizations;
  • Fostering partnerships and collaborations between the Society and industry involving projects and services of common interest;
  • Recognizing the scientific and professional contributions of Society members who work in industry;
  • Educating industry colleagues with an interest in endocrinology about the benefit of Society interactions;
  • Encouraging the presentation of industry science at appropriate venues and submission of endocrine manuscripts to Society journals;
  • Advising of industry trends and needs with strategic objectives of the Society;
  • Identifying industry career paths for trainees.
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