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Your Health and Hormones

We empower high-quality, equitable healthcare for people with hormone health conditions, including diabetes and obesity, infertility, thyroid conditions, osteoporosis, and hormone-related cancers. Together, we promote an environment that helps people of all backgrounds and ethnicities access needed medical care. Through our multi-lingual educational materials, and the wellness event program called EndoCares, we provide opportunities for patients and the public to connect with endocrinologists across the globe. 

For more than two decades, our 18,000 members have leveraged their medical and scientific expertise to provide trusted information to the public.

Engage With Us

Endocrine Education
We offer tools to help you better understand endocrine conditions and diseases.

  Endocrine Library – Everything you need to know about diagnosis, symptoms, risk factors, treatments, and therapies      for hormone-related diseases and conditions.

  Menopause Map™ – Supporting women going through the menopause  journey. Watch for our revamped platform,            launching in January 2022.

  Translational Health Blog (Coming Soon*)

  Video Vault (Coming Soon*)

  Clinical Trial Awareness – We encourage diversity in study recruitment to ensure that trial findings apply to as many        populations as possible and to advance the development of beneficial new treatments.

Find an Endocrinologist
Our physician directory helps you find clinicians in your neighborhood. You can search by specialty and geographic area. In March, we will launch a Rare Disease component to this directory to help patients with rare endocrine-related disorders find the specialty care they need. 

Attend a Health Service Day Event
EndoCares® is a global outreach initiative, bringing leading medical experts directly to you! Our Health Service Days are local events hosted by our members in select cities each year with the express purpose of building health equity for diverse communities. Each event features:

  • Learning opportunities and health coaching from a multi-disciplinary panel of endocrine expert healthcare providers.
  • Complimentary health screenings (E.g., A1c, lipid panel, eye exams, vaccines).
  • Cares’ Hall, which is a centralized hosting of the city’s best continuous care resources, endocrine experts, and opportunities to learn about patient assistance programs that can make your care more affordable. 
2022 proposed locations: 
  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta- flagship event, adjacent to our annual meeting, ENDO, (tentatively scheduled: June 11, 2022)
  • Baltimore
  • Seattle

For Our Members:

We are excited to offer ways for you to give back to your community and improve health outcomes while building increased trust in the medical and scientific community. You can engage in the EndoCares program by volunteering, hosting a service day event, creating educational resources, and investing in our growth. Learn more about each opportunity below and then fill out the volunteer form to let us know what you are passionate about!

Participate in our patient service days by interacting with patients, families, and community leaders during the event. Our members can support by:
  • Participating in on-site consults and screenings (A1c, Lipids Panel, Eye Exams, Blood Pressure, Nutrition Counseling, BMI (Body Mass Index), Cholesterol, Waist Measurement, etc.).
  • Facilitating on-site Q&A sessions,
  • Providing on-site support for the event, and
  • Contributing to the development of locally relevant educational resources.

As a DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) Ambassador, you can increase endocrine awareness in your community, improve underserved patients’ access to care, and demonstrate a commitment to patient outcomes. Hosts work with us by volunteering their time, expertise, medical services, and staff to create an impactful event. Our patient engagement committee and staff support you by providing educational resources, event programming, and coordination.

Support the development of translational endocrine education resources by:

  • Creating patient guides or videos for digital endocrine awareness campaigns
  • Writing posts for our blog
  • Sharing our point-of-care resources with your patients and in your community 

For Our Sponsors and Partners:

As a DEI Ambassador Partner, you will be recognized as a supporter of our mission to develop and support a diverse and inclusive network of clinician, researcher, and educator members and leaders who promote health and work to eliminate endocrine health disparities in our local, national, and global communities.

Investors, large or small, can support the growth of EndoCares and allow us to not only create more resources, but also reach more communities who are often overlooked or under supported. There are many ways to invest in the growth of EndoCares, including:

  • Exhibiting: Showcase products and services in our Cares’ Hall - a collection of vendor resources provided by local clinics, community health groups, local fitness clubs, and industry partners during our quarterly in-person events.
  • Donating: Make an investment directly into EndoCares by earmarking a donation to help improve health outcomes for all. 
  • Sponsoring: Help support the development of a program by providing in-kind support. (e.g., medical supplies, hospitality, services, etc.)

Contact: [email protected] for information on available opportunities


Meet The Experts:

The Patient Engagement Committee is comprised of our members, clinicians, researchers, educators, with expertise in endocrinology's major therapeutic areas. Our committee identifies the educational needs of endocrine science for patients and the public, oversees the impact and outcomes of our collective health day programs, and provides translational knowledge on specific hormone-related conditions.


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