Women in Endocrinology 2019

an Endocrine Society Thematic Issue

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Gender inequality persists in all sectors of society, including science and medicine disciplines. While female clinicians and researchers are increasing in number, they remain underrepresented in scholarly publications and academic positions. Although nearly 50 percent of medical school graduates are women, they continue to hold fewer senior academic positions and tenured faculty posts than their male counterparts, and receive less federal grant money than men.

Endocrinology combines fundamental scientific discovery and medical care that greatly influence human health. Publication of research is necessary to advance our understanding of endocrine science; however, women remain a minority as first and senior authors in endocrinology publications. This special thematic issue focuses on recent research performed and published by women in endocrinology and highlights the influence that their work has had on fellow scientists and clinicians today.

All papers were nominated by members of the scientific community and are from current, early-career or established, well-known or up-and-coming academics from the US or international research community. These studies were published by laboratory groups led by established female researchers or were projects spearheaded by women just starting out in their scientific careers. More than 30 articles were nominated, and the 12 most influential, high-impact research papers were selected to represent the spectrum of basic through clinical research, geographical diversity, and career stage.

Topics covered include ground-breaking studies of single-cell RNA sequencing in the pituitary gland, innovative technology used to record neuronal activity in free moving animals, the impact of gut microbes on PCOS, and much more. We hope you enjoy this collection of papers celebrating female researchers and their achievements in endocrinology.

Thank you to the Selection Panel for their time and for reviewing and selecting this inspiring collection of papers:

  • Zane Andrews, PhD, Monash University
  • Kristy A. Brown, PhD, Cornell University
  • Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, MD, MPH, American University of Beirut
  • Ana Claudia Latronico, MD, PhD, University of Sao Paulo
  • Daniel I. Spratt, MD, MaineHealth
  • Jenny Visser, PhD, Erasmus MC
  • Whitney Woodmansee, MD, University of Florida Health
  • Joy Wu, MD, PhD, Stanford University

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Published: March 2019

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