Pediatric Endocrine Self-Assessment Program 2021-2022

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Keep up with the latest trends in pediatric endocrine care with Pediatric Endocrine Self-Assessment Program (Pediatric ESAP™), the only comprehensive self-assessment resource in the field. This brand-new edition features 100 never-published-before clinical case questions, individual performance reports, and three learning modes to complement your learning style.

This resource includes access to the interactive online module and the printed book to guide your studies. If you would prefer a fully digital experience, you can select the Pediatric ESAP 2021–2022 e-Book (NEW), which includes access to the online module and an e-Book to guide your study.

PLEASE NOTE: Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are no longer available for the Pediatric Endocrine Self-Assessment Program 2021-2022.

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Pediatric ESAP will allow you to keep your clinical knowledge up to date and help you prepare for your board exam with confidence. Test your knowledge in three learning modes:

  • Learning Mode: Use this traditional mode to answer 100 questions, receive immediate feedback, and view the detailed answer rationale. This mode must be completed in order to earn CME and MOC.
  • Mock Exam Mode: This is perfect for simulating an exam, which you can retake as often as you like. Each time the questions are re-organized and feedback will be provided upon completion.
  • Topical Learning Mode: Questions are organized by topical area to offer another option for navigating content.

Updated with 100 brand-new case questions, Pediatric ESAP 2021–2022 delivers:

  • Interactive online module with three learning modes to complement different learning styles;
  • Peer comparisons for each question;
  • Detailed overall performance report;
  • Lab values in conventional and SI units; and
  • Flexible format option: select this print edition or the e-Book (NEW) to guide your study.

For a comprehensive review of adult endocrine care, check out ESAP 2021, which contains 120 brand-new case questions that cover the latest clinical trends in adult endocrinology. 

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