Garron Dodd, B.Sc, Ph.D

November 03, 2020

Dr Dodd is a Neuroscientist with an interest in understanding how the brain controls energy balance and how this underlies metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. He leads the Metabolic Neuroscience Laboratory at The University of Melbourne, where it is his group's mission to understand how the brain controls metabolism to discover effective treatment for metabolic disease. 

Dr Dodd received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Manchester (UK). He has worked as a Research Fellow and Associate at the Manchester University, Eli Lilly (USA) and Monash University (Australia). In 2019, he was recruited to The Melbourne University to lead the Metabolic Neuroscience Research Laboratory and act as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physiology.

His findings have been published in some of sciences most prestigious journals (including Cell, Cell Metabolism, EMBO J and eLife) and his research impact is further substantiated by 4 articles in the top 5% of all articles ever tracked be Altmetric, 2 Faculty of 1000 recommendations and >14 awards for both his research impact and public communication of science.


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