Sophie Trefely, PhD

November 03, 2020

Sophie’s research focus is on the role of metabolites as signaling molecules and their function in physiology and disease states including metabolic disease and cancer. Her work centers on the application of metabolite analysis by mass spectrometry to understand the effects of nutrient availability and the sub-cellular distribution of metabolites on epigenetic modifications and lipid metabolism.

Sophie completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Science at UNSW, where she received 1st class honors. She earned her PhD studying insulin action in adipocytes at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in the lab of David E. James. She moved to Philadelphia in 2015 to focus on metabolite signaling and metabolite anlayses in her postdoctoral research jointly in the labs of Kathryn E. Wellen (University of Pennsylvania) and Nathaniel W. Snyder (Temple University). She is supported by an American Diabetes Association Postdoctoral fellowship.


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