Advocacy in Action

Here is a quick run down of major issues being discussed by policymakers from an endocrine perspective and the Society’s current advocacy work. Let us know if you would like additional information or have any questions.

Capitol Hill

What’s Happening in Washington

Congressional fights expected over federal funding and partial government shutdown – Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) predicted that there could be a partial government shutdown this December if funding for the border wall is not included in the final appropriations bills. For those keeping count, 5 of the 12 bills have been signed into law (this includes funding for the Department of Health & Human Services and the National Institutes of Health) while the remaining 7 are running on a continuing resolution through December 7th.  The fight Speaker Ryan is anticipating will be over funding in the Department of Homeland Security bill as House Republicans will try to secure border wall funding.

Take Action

On September 26, the House of Representatives successfully passed the Labor-HHS appropriations bill with a $2 billion increase in FY 2019 for the National Institutes of Health.

Please join the Endocrine Society in thanking your members of Congress for funding medical research and making funding for theNIH a national priority.

What We Are Working On:

Disaster Response - As Hurricane Michael made landfall, the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition worked to make sure physicians and patients in Michael’s path had information they would need regarding diabetes medication and supplies. If you know of diabetes supply shortages in your community because of Hurricane Michael, contact 1-800-DIABETES (for patients) and 314-INSULIN (for providers).   For more information, visit

Research Affairs Committee – The Society’s Research Affairs Core Committee  is meeting todayto discuss research priorities for the Society and identify new ways the Society could support research and researchers.  Multiple topics from facilitating clinical trial recruitment to new products and services will be discussed.

Protecting FY 2018 Research Funding from Redirection by Administration – We joined with 110 leading health organizations to urge the Department of Health and Human Services to make public its plan to respond to the public health crisis of having so many children and families at the border and to request that Congress provide the funding necessary, through annual or supplemental appropriations legislation, to ensure the health and wellbeing of children and families in the Department’s care.  We want to ensure that the Department is not redirecting FY 2018 funding from public health and medical research accounts. Our letter is here.