EDC EU Newsletter # 2

July 27, 2020

The Latest EDC Science

  • PFAS Increase Breast Cancer Risk
  • More Evidence for Exposure-Outcome Links and Policy Implications
  • Pesticides Affect Neonatal Development
  • Le Monde Article Exposes Industry Connections of EDC Sceptics
  • No-Threshold Approach Required for EDCs

EU EDC Policy Developments

  • EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
  • EU Beating Cancer Action Plan
  • EDC List Published

Policy Recommendations And Resources on EDCs

  • Endocrine Society Scientific Statement on EDCs
  • Endocrine Society Position Statement on EDCs in the European Union
  • Introduction to EDCs, A Guide for Public Interest Organizations and Policymakers (available in multiple languages)
  • Let’s Talk EDCs Video Series describes EDCs, their health effects, and strategies to minimize exposure.
  • EDCs Topics Page provides a more comprehensive list of resources.

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