Below are policy documents issued in support of positive change for the protection of public health. See also our EDC topic page for news updates, journal articles, education resources and an Introduction to EDCs.

A Guide for Public Interest Organizations and Policymakers

The Endocrine Society and IPEN developed this guide to raise global awareness about endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) by presenting a comprehensive picture of global exposures and health risks. The guide is available in several languages including:

Endocrine Society Position Statements

Position statements are official points of view or beliefs of the Endocrine Society. Statements are issued on scientific or medical issues related to endocrine research and practice in our effort to ensure policy decisions are based on the full body of available knowledge. Below are position statements related to endocrine-disrupting chemicals where we advocate for greater research and updated regulatory processes to affect positive change. You may also view our complete list of position statements.

Endocrine Society Policy Recommendations

The Society produces a range of alerts, letters to officials, and testimony transcripts in an ongoing effort to influence public policy related to research and clinical endocrinology issues.