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Second Statement to the INC Regarding Plastics Pollution

December 01, 2022

"We appreciate the opportunity to give an intervention on measures to improve the effectiveness of implementation and enhance scientific and technical cooperation and coordination.

First, we reiterate that the plastics treaty is a global public health treaty. We observe with profound alarm statements suggesting the absence of health effects of chemicals in plastics, contradicting consensus statements by WHO and others. We remind delegates of the strong scientific consensus that chemicals in plastics cause noncommunicable diseases. The effects are concentrated in the most vulnerable, including children, pregnant women, and workers with unique exposures. Implementation efforts should expand on existing national and international efforts, including restrictions, that address the hazards of chemicals in plastic. For example, endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) used in plastic materials are treated with particular emphasis in EU laws and regulatory policies. We also highlight the ICCM4 resolution stating that continued actions on EDCs by all stakeholders are required to achieve the goals of SAICM."

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