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Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Obesity and Reproduction

December 11, 2020

an Endocrinology Basic Science Collection


Read a special collection of five Endocrinology mini-reviews on mitochondrial dysfunction in obesity and reproduction.

These mini-reviews cover primary ovarian insufficiency, ovarian aging, the impact of skeletal muscle ERα on mitochondrial function and metabolic health, and the potential role of alterations in mitochondrial function in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

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Published: December 2020

About Endocrinology Basic Science Collections

Basic Science Collections in Endocrinology are collections of mini-reviews that editors invited from prominent scholars with the intention of providing cohesive, expert discussion of a set of conceptually linked topics that have seen important recent progress. An introductory article serves as a “hub” that connects and introduces the reviews within each collection, using “companion articles” links in the right-hand rail of each article’s XML presentation.

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