JCEM Case Reports

January 05, 2022

Launching late 2022. A new Endocrine Society open access journal: JCEM Case Reports, publishing reports on clinical cases and clinical problem solving from across the field of endocrinology.

JCEM Case Reports will be peer reviewed, online-only, open access, and will join the Society’s journals portfolio at The journal will have editorial independence while at the same time advancing a coordinated publishing strategy with the Society’s other journals to benefit the Society’s publishing program and broader mission.

Aims & Scope

The journal will publish reports on clinical cases and clinical problem solving from across the field of endocrinology, worldwide. It will welcome educational or rare clinical cases that are well-described, with clear learning objectives, of special interest to early career endocrinologists and members of endocrinology care teams. The journal will be particularly interested in cases where learning relating to limited resources for investigation or management choices may have important implications for a wider audience. The journal’s senior editors will offer guidance to early career authors, reviewers, and editors.

The journal’s education / professional development aspects will complement the Society’s other education / professional development activities and programs. 


The Society will announce the Editor-in-Chief later in 2022.


Richard O’Grady, PhD, Chief Publications Officer, Endocrine Society, [email protected]



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