The discovery of insulin in 1921 transformed diabetes from a death sentence to a chronic condition. We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of insulin with this collection of resources and member stories. Check back regularly for updates and events, including webinars and podcasts, throughout the year.

(banner image, Dr. Charles H. Best and Dr. G.R. Williams check one of many experiments being conducted on insulin in the lab of the Charles H. Best Institute, University of Toronto.)

Insulin Discovery 1921


What’s New?

History of the Insulin Pump

University of Toronto Insulin 100

  • Where it all began - The University of Toronto's discovery of insulin 100 years ago changed the world. The university’s pioneering researchers in the effort were also leaders of the Endocrine Society. Register for FREE to attend the university's virtual online meeting that includes:
    • Pre-recorded lectures available starting January 2021
    • Live, moderated, speaker discussions on April 15 & 16

Advocate for Affordable Insulin


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