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100 Years of Insulin: Events and Programs

August 11, 2021

Insulin 2121: The Next 100 Years of Discoveries
November 9, 11 AM-2:30 PM EST 
The Society's free half-day educational event on the future of insulin features top researchers and clinicians to discuss the technology and therapies that will transform the field over the next 100 years. Research into robots that would automate routine tasks and free up clinicians’ time, next-gen glucagon, and weekly insulin injections are just a few of the innovative topics being discussed. Register today!

Breaking Down Barriers to Diabetes Care

In this webinar, our health disparities experts—Dr. Joshua Joseph of Ohio State University Medical Center and Dr. Leonor Corsino of Duke University—discuss the historical and present-day racial and socio-economic barriers to diabetes care as well as strategies to improve health outcomes in disadvantaged communities.

Building a Strong Patient-Provider Relationship

Our virtual patient event moderated by Endocrine News Editor Mark Newman features patients and Dr. Grazia Aleppo of Northwestern University discussing how diabetes technology and insulin therapy has evolved over the years, along with tips for building strong doctor-patient relationships, and new patient resources available through the Society and the College Diabetes Network.

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