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Revitalizing Patient Engagement and Outreach Through an Equity Lens

January 27, 2022

By Lynette Fludd, M.S., CHES, Associate Director, Patient Engagement

It’s no secret that patient engagement is linked to better health outcomes. We are committed to helping patients live their healthiest lives, and our diverse membership of 18,000 clinicians and researchers from around the world are lending their support and expertise to build health equity in communities that need it most.

For more than 20 years, our members have provided trusted information to the public, most recently through the Hormone Health Network (now known as Patient Engagement). While we are proud of this work, we are always looking for new ways to best serve the public going forward.

We are delighted to unveil a model that renews our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through our expanded EndoCares® program, and vibrant new hub, focused on bringing translational endocrine education from thought leaders around the globe to patients and care providers.

EndoCares® Expands to Four Cities

EndoCares® is a community-based patient service day with lasting connectivity between providers, patients, and families, offering medical diagnostics, education, and resources. We hosted the first EndoCares in 2016 in Washington, D.C. — staffed by our volunteer members — where we were able to help many individuals and families from underserved and underrepresented communities gain access to quality medical services and care.

This year, we have expanded our EndoCares programming to more locations, including Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, and Atlanta. These patient day events will feature health screenings, wellness coaching, customized care plans and education, along with opportunities for the public to connect with endocrine practitioners and specialists, right in their backyard.

It’s gratifying to work alongside such talented volunteer experts and staff colleagues, all striving in tangible ways to carry out our mission of eliminating endocrine health disparities in local, national and global communities.

Patient Engagement Digital Hub

Our new digital landscape tells a story of the connectivity between hormone health and patient outcomes. We’ve pivoted our approach by building a narrative that displays the science and expertise of our members, through the delivery of unique and engaging endocrine content.

Members and patients can benefit from the point of care resources housed in the Endocrine Library, or by exploring engagement opportunities within our EndoCares programming or using our flagship interactive tools Find an Endocrinologist Directory and revamped Menopause Map which helps women understand the complex journey of menopause.

Stay Tuned…

We look forward to unraveling more hormone science, more unique engagement opportunities, and translational education, in the coming months…but in the meantime, let’s stay connected. Find us on social, or subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter. Patients Have Questions, and We still Have Answers.

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