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ENDO 2017 news conferences to feature obesity/diabetes technologies, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, thyroid and men’s health research

Washington, DC March 28, 2017

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News conferences will explore the latest research advances in obesity and diabetes technologies, thyroid conditions, men’s health and endocrine-disrupting chemicals at ENDO 2017, the Endocrine Society’s 99th Annual Meeting & Expo. The meeting will take place April 1–4 in Orlando, Fla.

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News Conference Schedule:

Saturday, April 1

Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals (10 a.m. EDT): Researchers will discuss how exposure to common flame retardants affects risk of papillary thyroid cancer, the effect of bisphenol A (BPA) substitute bisphenol S on breast cancer cells, BPA exposure’s genetic effects on fatty liver disease, and the impact of pesticide exposure on puberty in boys.

Thyroid Health (11 a.m. EDT): This session will examine atherosclerosis and heart disease risk in individuals with higher thyroid levels, how thyroid cancer trends in the United States affect various age and racial groups, and how drinking milk can alter the way the body absorbs thyroid medication.

Monday, April 3

Men’s Health (10 a.m. EDT): Studies presented will include research on how hormones contribute to hernias of the groin in elderly men, the use of anabolic hormone levels to predict worsening frailty risk in older men, and the potential use of the human fetal estrogen estetrol (E4) to treat prostate cancer.

Technologies to Treat Obesity and Diabetes (11 a.m. EDT): Researchers will discuss a variety of tools, including an artificial pancreas used to improve blood sugar control in young children, virtual clinics that help rural primary care providers manage complex diabetes cases, and the use of electromagnetic brain stimulation to help individuals with obesity lose weight.

Tuesday, April 4

Obesity (10 a.m. EDT): This press conference will examine the link between vitamin D levels and heart disease in children who are obese or overweight, the way common asthma medications can raise metabolic syndrome risk, and how participation in an intensive weight management program affects job absenteeism.

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More information about media resources at ENDO 2017 is available at /news-room/endo-annual-meeting

Registered news media receive a badge that provides access to all meeting sessions, as well as to the newsroom and news conferences. No one will be admitted without a valid ENDO badge.

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