Covering the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting—Resources for Journalists

The Endocrine Society's annual meeting is a unique opportunity for journalists to learn about the latest research in fields as diverse as obesity, diabetes, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, growth hormones, thyroid conditions, reproductive health, endocrine cancers, and much more. Thousands of endocrinologists from around the globe attend the meeting each year to share the latest advances in research and clinical practice.

News Conference Schedule

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Saturday, March 17

Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals (10 a.m. CDT): Researchers will delve into bisphenol A’s impact on the developing brain during pregnancy, declining sperm counts linked to exposure to a plastic additive, and how essential oil use may be linked to abnormal breast growth in young boys.

Sunday, March 18

Reproductive Health (9 a.m. CDT): Studies will highlight a stem cell therapy to treat premature menopause, the link between sperm count and overall health, and efforts to create a male birth control pill

Diet (10 a.m. CDT): Researchers will explain how eating a high-energy breakfast may promote weight loss, low-calorie sweeteners can raise the risk of developing diabetes, the Mediterranean diet benefits older women’s bone health, and e-cigarettes lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver.

Monday, March 19

Obesity (9 a.m. CDT): This session will examine why children who have obesity and struggle with impulse control may respond well to weight loss treatment and why bariatric surgery can reverse diabetes.

Diabetes (10 a.m. CDT): This press conference will explore efforts to reverse diabetes with implanted beta cells, the development of a wearable patch to detect dangerous episodes of low blood sugar called hypoglycemia, and the effectiveness of a hybrid closed-loop system for managing type 1 diabetes in children.

Covering ENDO 2018

During ENDO 2018, the Society will host press conferences and provide on-site office space for journalists covering the annual meeting. The meeting will be held at McCormick Place West in Chicago, Ill., from March 17-20, 2018. Register now to apply for press credentials.

Registering as media does not guarantee approval in receiving a press pass. The Endocrine Society will review the credentials of all reporters seeking to attend ENDO to ensure eligibility requirements are met. Media approved for attendance will receive official notification via email from Endocrine Society staff. Contact for additional information.

Annual Meeting Embargo Policy

Unless otherwise noted, all abstracts presented at ENDO are embargoed until the date and time of presentation. The Endocrine Society reserves the right to lift the embargo on specific abstracts that are selected for promotion prior to or during ENDO.