ENDO 2018 In The News

Here is a selection of media coverage from ENDO 2018:

BBC News - More evidence essential oils 'make male breasts develop'
A suspected link between abnormal breast growth in young boys and the use of lavender and tea tree oils has been given new weight, after a study found eight chemicals contained in the oils interfere with hormones.

Daily Mail – Exposure to everyday chemical may damage fertility of males and their children
Pregnant women exposed to everyday items may find their son’s fertility and that of future generations has been harmed, a study has suggested...Researchers from the University of Illinois studied the effect of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), a plasticiser which disrupts the body’s hormone system. It is found in a wide array of industrial and consumer products, including cosmetics, plastic toys, medical devices and PVC piping and tubing.

Endocrine Today - Endocrine Society touts global diversity, achievements in opening address
The Endocrine Society celebrated a year of international growth and accomplishment in 2017, including the expansion of several key initiatives and increased advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and beyond, Lynnette K. Nieman, MD, said during a presentation here. “We’re not only the oldest and largest global professional membership organization, but we represent 122 countries...We have more than 40% of our membership living outside of the United States...and that percentage is steadily increasing over time.”

Medscape – New Testosterone Treatment Guidelines 'Useful but Not Gospel'
The Endocrine Society has issued an updated clinical practice guideline on testosterone therapy in men with hypogonadism, but experts here today at ENDO 2018: The Endocrine Society Annual Meeting stressed that the new recommendations are "a broad roadmap" on how to approach the diagnosis and treatment of hypogonadism, but not necessarily a definitive path to follow.

BBC News - Men with low sperm counts at increased risk of illness, study suggests
"Men with low sperm counts are more likely to have a number of health issues that put them at increased risk of illness, new research suggests. A study of 5,177 men found those with low sperm counts were 20% more likely to have more body fat, higher blood pressure and more "bad" cholesterol."

Forbes - Will Essential Oils Like Lavender And Tea Tree Make Your Breasts Larger?
A commercial once said that Red Bull can give you wings (although a lawsuit argued that this is not actually the case). Can essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil give you breasts? Or rather bigger breasts, if you are male?

TIME magazine – Are essential oils safe?
People use essential oils a variety of ways: as lotions, for hair care, aromatherapy, cleaning products and more. But are essential oils safe?

Newsweek – DMAU: Male Birth Control Pill Offers 'Unprecedented' Study Results
Almost sixty years since the FDA approved the pill for birth control in women, a male version may finally be on the horizon. Researchers have developed a prototype male pill that appears to be safe in a month-long trial.

The Guardian – Male pill could be on horizon as trials yield positive results
A male pill could be on the horizon after early trials showed a once-daily tablet was safe and appeared to work, according to researchers.

UPI - Trial shows stem cell therapy may reverse premature menopause
If a young woman has premature menopause, her own bone marrow stem cells might rejuvenate her ovaries, according to preliminary results of a clinical trial.

USA Today - Birth control pill for men shows promise in early study
A small, recently released study shows a newly developed oral contraceptive for men appears to be both effective and safe. The research, presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Chicago by researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle, studied 83 men between the ages of 18 and 50. The participants' testosterone levels dropped significantly along with two hormones essential for sperm production.

The Scientist - BPA Exposure Alters Behavior and Brain Development in Mice: Study
Mice exposed to bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy give birth to offspring with atypical brain development and abnormal behavior later in life, according to a study presented yesterday (March 19) at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in Chicago.

The Times of India - Mediterranean diet may boost bone density in elderly women
Consuming a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil, seeds, fish, low saturated fat, dairy products and red meat, may boost bones and muscle mass in postmenopausal women, a study suggests.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Want to lose weight? Give your breakfast an energy boost
Changing up your breakfast menu to include more high-energy foods may help you lose weight, improve your diabetes and decrease the need for insulin.

WebMD - Low Sperm Count May Signal Serious Health Risks
A low sperm count may do more than affect a man's ability to have children. It also may be linked to a number of health problems, new research suggests.

Real Simple - New Study Finds More Reason to Love the Mediterranean Diet—Here’s How to Get Started
Already proven to be a heart-healthy diet, the Mediterranean diet was recently linked to higher bone density and muscle mass in older women. Here's what you need to know about the Mediterranean diet plan, as well as our favorite Mediterranean diet recipes to try this week.

CNN - Male birth control pill one step closer to reality, researchers say
The cable news network highlighted a month-long study that found a hormone pill known as DMAU reduced testosterone and other hormone levels responsible for sperm production.