The Baxter Prize

The John D. Baxter Prize for Entrepreneurship was established to:

  • recognize the extraordinary achievement of bringing an idea, product, service, or process to market;
  • elevate the field of endocrinology; and
  • positively impact the health of patients.

Th awardee of the John D. Baxter Prize for Entrepreneurship receives a $50,000 cash prize, the John D. Baxter Medal for Entrepreneurship, and global acclaim. The winner will be awarded at ENDO 2020, the largest gathering in the world of endocrinologist and professionals working in hormone health. Nomination information will be released in mid-2019.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Demonstrated record of scientific innovation as evidenced by research that has resulted in the development of new products, techniques or approaches to diagnostic or therapeutic patient care in the field of endocrinology.
  • Established career scientists and/or clinicians whose work has significantly advanced the translation of research findings to patient care .
  • Nominees are not required to be members of the Endocrine Society, although membership is strongly encouraged.
  • Teams of scientists/entrepreneurs are eligible, with one team member designated as the lead nominee.
  • Individuals may nominate someone for the award, self-nominations are also allowed.
  • Nominees must submit responses to questions regarding the product, technique, or approach being submitted.

The Baxter Prize will not be awarded posthumously.


John D. Baxter, MD, was a renowned endocrinologist who rose to prominence as a researcher with breakthroughs in molecular biology and early recombinant DNA technology, leading to the first successful gene cloning for rat, bovine, and human growth hormone. His dedication to scientific and clinical research garnered numerous awards and recognition. As President of the Endocrine Society from 2002 – 2003, Dr. Baxter shared his passion for advancing research that would lead to effective clinical applications.