Gender Differences in the Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Bone and Mineral Metabolism

Presentation Number: SAT 348
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2016

Ali Adnan Jamalallail*1, Stephen J Winters1, Sri Prakash L Mokshagundam1 and Sathya S Krishnasamy2
1University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2Univ of Louisville, Louisville, KY


Obesity and related complications are a major global healthcare burden. Bariatric surgery is a well-known effective intervention for the treatment of obesity. but is not without complications. While bone health in women after bariatric surgery has been studied extensively, there is limited data for men. We analyzed the VINCI Database,  a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient summary of the health care for veterans. We conducted a retrospective analysis of 339 men and women age < 80 years who underwent bariatric surgery at VA medical centers in the VISN9 network (Midsouth) between 2000 and 2010, including 267 males and 72 females average age 63±8 and 56±8 yrs, respectively. Bone densitometry reports were reviewed post-surgery.  Preliminary results show a decline in bone mineral density in the hip which is greater (p<0.001) than the lumbar spine  and was slightly, but not significantly, greater in women than men (4.19±0.87 vs 3.01±0.79 %/yr). Percent excess body weight loss (%EBWL) at 5-years post-surgery was slightly greater (p < 0.34) in men than women (66.5±6.8 vs 57.2±6.5%) . Weight loss 1 year after surgery was a significant predictor of bone loss for women (p<0.01) but not men. Post-surgical PTH (59.2±17.4 vs 49.2 ±16.4 pg/ml) and 25-OH vitamin D levels (23.5 ± 15.1 vs 19. 1 ± 7.1 ng/ml). were slightly higher in men than women. In conclusion, as in previous studies using DEXA, we found a greater decline in BMD of the hip than the spine following bariatric surgery which tended to be greater in women than men. Moreover, the rate of bone loss was predicted by excess body weight loss in women. Why bariatric surgery impacts bone metabolism differently between genders remains to be determined.


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