Novel Non-Invasive Method for Collection of Aqueous Humor for Glucose Concentration Monitoring

Presentation Number: SUN 586
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2017

Christopher T Martin*1 and J. David Brown2
1University of Minnesota Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN, 2MicroOptx, Inc.


We present evidence of a correlation between glucose concentration in aqueous humor (AH) obtained via a permanent hydrogel glaucoma drainage device (HGDD) and venous blood (vBG) in the swine animal model. Our data reflects previous work demonstrating correlation of aqueous humor with blood glucose concentration1,2. AH was collected from the surface of the eye via glass microcapillary pipette placed just over the HGDD and blood via central venous catheter. Based upon previously published work evaluating handheld glucometers to measure glucose concentration in tears3, we utilized the Aviva Accu-Check to measure aqueous humor and blood glucose concentration. Coupling of HGDD sampling of AH with smart contact lens technology could help realize significant advances in continuous, non-invasive glucose monitoring.


Disclosure: CTM: Clinical Researcher, MicroOptx. JDB: Clinical Researcher, MicroOptx.