Mobile and on-Line Technologies to Combat Obesity. Using on-Line Program of Good Nutrition: Prevention and Part of the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

Presentation Number: SUN 618
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2017

Vadim Krylov*1 and Daria Stepankina2
1Endocrinology Research Centre, Moscow, Russia, 2Moscow Psychological University


Objectives: It is too much easier and cheaper to combat obesity, than in the future to treat diabetes mellitus and its complications.

Methods: We used an online system for patient education based on the video lessons, full of humor, pictures, and cartoons to convey the necessary information on good nutrition, necessary to do exercises and the need for exposure to the sun to our patients.
Results: Watching the short movies, the patients formed the habits of good nutrition during the first month already, which includes a diet with restriction of fat, digestible carbohydrates and daily consumption of low-fat dairy products, slow carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Were also presented recommendations for compliance with the physical activity, as well as vitamin D consumption. A patient was in touch with a doctor-endocrinologist, if he has any additional questions. We examined data from a survey of 600 patients registered in the online system and 100 patients control group who were given the same recommendations on the appointment. Surprisingly, persistent decrease in body weight by an average of 7.5 kg over six months was demonstrated in all patients of the main group, the consumption of milk and dairy products increased by 2.6 times, compared with patients in the control group. The exposure to the sun was observed 15 to 30 minutes daily, compared with the control group 5-10 minutes. Regular physical activity were the main group of 260 minutes per week, in control group 80 minutes per week.
Conclusions : Mobile and wireless technology helps physicians to combat obesity and be a part of the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and we need to improve the quality of information material, including using online technologies to improve the quality and duration of life of our patients.


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