Microvascular Circulation Is Not Altered in Acromegaly

Presentation Number: SUN 444
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2017

Yalcin Hacioglu1, Melike Kalfa2, Mutlu Niyazoglu1, Hakan Korkmaz3, Betul Borku Uysal4 and Esra Hatipoglu*4
1Istanbul Teaching and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, 2Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey, 3Edirne Government Hospital, Edirne, TURKEY, 4Biruni University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey


Introduction:Acromegaly is a multisystem endocrine disorder characterized by excessive growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).The excess in GH and IGF-1 cause various organ involvement and systemic complications in acromegaly. Endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis are well-known complications of acromegaly. However up to date data on microvascular circulation has been limited. Herein we aimed to evaluate microvascular circulation in cases with acromegaly.

Material and Methods: A total of 21 cases with acromegaly and 20 age and gender matched healthy controls (HC) were included in this comparative study. Capillary dimensions (capillary loop length, capillary width) and number of capillaries/mm were evaluated in capillaries of the subjects using stereomicroscope under 100x magnification by the same rheumatologist (M.K).

Results: The mean age of cases with acromegaly and HC were 48.5 ±13.5 and 46.9 ±11.7 years, respectively (p=0.7). The median levels of GH were 0.9 [IQR: 0.3-1.9] ng/ml in acromegaly group (AG) and 0.3 [IQR: 0.1-0.9] ng/ml (p=0.02) in HC. The mean IGF levels were 326.4 ±287.1 ng/ml and 157.2 ±51.5 ng/ml (p=0.01). The median number of capillaries (Normal >8/ml) in AG and HC were 8 [IQR: 7.4-8.7]/ml and 9 [IQR: 8-9]/ml, respectively (p=0.006). The number of tortous capillaries in AG and HC were 1 [IQR: 0-2.8] and 0 [IQR: 0-2] (p=0.4). The mean capillary loop length was 118.8 ±24.6 mm in AG and 130.9±22 mm in HC (p=0.1). The mean capillary width was 9.5±1.7 mm in AG and 9±1.7 mm in HC (p=0.4). The median number of capillaries in AG was lower than that in HC, however it was still within the normal limits.

Conclusion: Although endothelium dysfunction, an early marker of the atherosclerotic process, is considered to be one of the complications of acromegaly, microvascular function may not be impaired in acromegaly.


Nothing to Disclose: YH, MK, MN, HK, BBU, EH