Roles of Insulin Receptors and IGF-1 Receptors in Leptin-Responsive Neurons in Regulation of Body Weight, Growth, Pubertal Development and Fertility

Presentation Number: SAT 422
Date of Presentation: April 1st, 2017

Mengjie Wang*1 and Jennifer Wootton Hill2
1University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, 2University of Toledo School of Medicine, Toledo, OH


Growth and reproduction are tightly linked. Growth hormone deficiency results in a profound suppression of postnatal growth accompanied by delayed puberty (of a week or more in mice) and delayed reproductive senescence, while GH excess is correlated with the reverse (1). The specific mechanism underlying this delay is undefined. IGF-1 administration advances pubertal timing, however deletion of IGF-1R from GnRH neurons only delays puberty by 3-4 days (2). Thus, upstream, metabolically active neurons may play a role in the effects of IGF-1 on pubertal timing. Although neurons in the hypothalamus that express leptin receptors (LepRb) are known to modulate the timing of puberty, whether IGF-1 receptor (IGF-1R) signaling in these neurons controls pubertal development is unknown. To test whether IGF-1 action specifically in LepRb expressing cells affects pubertal development and fertility, we used Cre-loxp technology to generate female transgenic mice lacking IGF-1R exclusively in LepRb expressing cells (termed IGF-1RLepRb). Because IGF-1R and insulin receptor (IR) signaling overlap, we also generated double knockout female mice (termed IGF-1R/IRLepRb) (3). IGF-1RLepRb mice experienced delayed pubertal development and impaired fertility. Surprisingly, the vaginal opening age, first estrus age, and fertility were comparable between the IGF-1RLepRb and IGF-1R/IRLepRb female mice. IGF-1RLepRb mice also exhibited metabolic abnormalities including reduced body weight and body growth. However, the body weight and body length in IGF-1R/IRLepRb female mice were significantly lower than IGF-1RLepRb mice. These findings identify divergent roles of IR and IGF-1R signaling in LepRb neurons. IGF-1R signaling in leptin responsive neurons plays a dominant role in the control of body weight, body length, and pubertal development and fertility, while IR signaling contributes to the control of body weight and body length.


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