Infinity: A Digital Platform for Patient Support in Saudi Arabia

Presentation Number: SUN 286
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2017

Ayman Haridy*, Haitham Habashi and Akram Kharbat
Merck Serono


Background: The Infinity Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform provides an integrated, multipurpose system for patient monitoring. The Infinity Platform has been rolled out in more than 15 countries and has been adapted for use with patients treated with recombinant human growth hormone (r-hGH; Saizen®) as a part of ‘GROW’, the Saizen Patient Support Programme (PSP).

Objectives: To highlight how the Infinity Platform can assist healthcare providers (HCPs) and enhance the patient experience as part of a PSP in the field of GH deficiency in Saudi Arabia.

Methodology: The potential of the existing Infinity Platform in the monitoring of patients treated with Saizen was investigated using the particular example of the reporting of adverse events (AEs).

Results/Discussion: The Infinity Platform provides links to integrated applications, such as patient demographics, monitoring of treatment response and adherence rates, and the reporting of AEs, providing HCPs with a collective overview of their patients and a single resource for the generation of retrospective patient data. Using the specific example of the reporting of AEs, from a single screen, using a drop-down menu, the HCP can select that an AE has occurred and can chose from a selection of the most common AEs reported for Saizen or enter details of the AE in the comment section. The HCP is then prompted to enter additional details, such as the date of the AE and whether they consider it to be related to Saizen. Details of the patient and the AE are spontaneously migrated to the Merck AE reporting template, and emails are sent to the medical department and the local safety mailbox; a weekly AE consolidated report is automatically compiled. This integrated process saves time and other resources required from the HCP and ensures that all stakeholders receive the required notification of an AE.

Summary/Outlook: The application of the Infinity Platform was the initial stage to digitalize the PSP for patients requiring GH treatment with Saizen in Saudi Arabia, resulting in time efficient data entry, graphical data outputs and automatic AE reporting. The scope of potential applications for monitoring patients on GH treatment is a good example of the benefits provided by migrating from paper-based reporting systems to digitalization of PSPs for a wide range of drugs. At an industry-wide level, such a move has great potential to facilitate many real-world interactions between HCPs and patients in addition to patient monitoring, such as helping with compliance and meeting regulatory requirements.


Disclosure: AH: Employee, Merck Serono. HH: Employee, Merck Serono. AK: Employee, Merck Serono.