D Vitamin Status and 10-Year Estimated Risk for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in Asymptomatic Women

Presentation Number: SUN 354
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2017

Natalie Madeline Atkinson Ginsburg*1, Alain Sanchez Rodriguez1, Aili Lupita Garcia Tuomola1, Katya Estefania Bozada Gutierrez2 and Joaquin Gerardo Joya Galeana1
1The American British Cowdray Medical Center, Mexico City, Mexico, 2Hospital General Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez, Mexico City, Mexico


Title: D vitamin status and 10-year estimated risk for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in asymptomatic women.

Introduction: Although evidence suggests a robust association between vitamin D status and several cardiovascular disorders, this association remains unclear in Mexicans, given the lack of studies in this population, especially in asymptomatic women with high risk for cardiovascular diseases. Objective: To compare the estimated 10-year risk for cardiovascular events according to status in serum D vitamin levels in asymptomatic women Methods: From January to November of 2016 we performed a cross-sectional study in asymptomatic women from a single center in Mexico City; clinical and laboratory data was collected retrospectively and included a lipid profile and 25-(OH) vitamin D3 in serum for all patients and the Vitamin D status was divided according to the following ranges: normal (> 30 ng/ml), insufficiency (20-30 ng/ml) and deficiency (< 20 ng/ml); the 10 year risk for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) was estimated with the AHA/ACC 2013 risk equation. Results: Fifty one women with a mean age of 59.5 years (SD ± 9.2), Body Mass Index (BMI) 25.4 m/kg2 (SD ± 5.2). Mean 25-(OH) vitamin D3 was 33.5 ng/mL (SD ± 13.9) and an average estimated 10 year risk for ASCVD of 8.1 % (95% CI = 5.6 - 10.7) and a proportion of high risk subjects of 37.25%.; all Vitamin D categories showed similar 10-year ASCVD risk . Also high risk and non-high risk patients showed similar levels on serum 25-(OH) vitamin D3 levels with 4.7 ng/mL (SD ± 14.6) vs. 32.8 ng/mL (SD ± 13.6), p=0.6. Conclusions: In Mexican asymptomatic women the 10-year estimated cardiovascular risk was similar in all groups; however we found a high prevalence of high risk for ASCVD events regardless of the D vitamin status.

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Nothing to Disclose: NMA, AS, ALG, KEB, JGJ