Why Do We Need a New Paradigm for Diabetes Care? to Save $90 Billion per Year

Presentation Number: SUN 280
Date of Presentation: April 2nd, 2017

Saad Sakkal*
Metabolic Care Center, Mason, OH


Introduction: In the present treatment paradigm, the yearly national expense for diabetes care is $340 billion while less the 14% of people with Diabetes achieve all targets together. The Virtual Pancreas System (VPS) has proven its quality, by reaching Targets in >% 90. It makes treatment effective, corrects strategic dosing of insulin and oral medications, and cut cost to achieve the triple aim of optimum HgA1c/glucose variability, averting hypoglycemia or weight gain.

Hypothesis and design: if the VPS has better quality and value than other alternative do we need to change our paradigm and how much can we save yearly? This tool is now cloud based, reachable by any mobile phone or internet as a Virtual Pancreas System with embedded metabolic simulator. We compared the value index by finding how much money ($) is spent on improving HgA1c by %1 in three months for standard intensive care (SIC) Vs Virtual Pancreas System (VPS) care, and projected the savings on total diabetes care per year for the 30 million people with diabetes.

Results: 1) VPS lowered HgA1c by absolute value of 2.3% and relative value of %2.7 when compared to standard care , which is better than many newer medications percent(DPP4: 0.5, SLGT2: 0.8-1, Liraglutide 0.8-1, Dulaglutide: 1.08).

2) The diabetes care value index was: $106 per %1 HgA1C drop for VPS, $580 for DDP4, $400 for SGLT2, $770 for Liraglutide, $640 for Dulaglutide,.

3) Average yearly savings was a minimum of $3000, and projection for the 30 million $90 billion.


VPS will save more than $90 billion while improving quality. We need the savings because “The status quo is unsustainable from both a population health standpoint and an economic one.


Conclusion: Virtual Pancreas System is a superior paradigm. It will save $90 billion per year compared to Standard present paradigm. Here is how I envision the new brave world of diabetes care in the future: 1) each patient is registered through their PCP office, their medical home, to the cloud based VPS with their secure user name and password. 2) Patients and providers receive instant feedback to act. 3) endocrinologists/diabetologists are supervise the process to interfere only for consultation and advice when necessary. 4) The goal of optimum diabetes care is reached with optimal HgA1C, optimal weight, and no hypoglycemia at 14 glucose tests per month. 5) This new paradigm will cut burden of the diabetic epidemic scourge by 90 Billions/year, we could prove it by initiating real life large multi-center studies. This should be the new paradigm on this world health day: promising and achievable.


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