One Minute Test: Osteoporosis Risk Factors in a Brazilian Population

Presentation Number: MON-431
Date of Presentation: March 19, 2018, 2018

Renata Francioni Lopes Zappala, PHD, Ana Claudia Borges Do Carmo, Dr, MD, Elaine Maria dos Santos Gomes, MD, Mirella Hansen de Almeida, MD, Ívila Mesquita Tupinambá, Resident, Raquel Kroth, Resident, Webertton Terra, Resident.
Hospital Central da Aeronáutica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Introduction: Osteoporosis is a chronic disease related with high risk fractures. One great deal is the prevention. The One Minute Test of International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is a great tool to know risk factors of Osteoporosis and fractures. Objective: We wanted to observe what were the most prevalent risk factors of Osteoporosis and fractures using the One Minute Test in one group of patients of the Brazilian Air Force Central Hospital. Patients and Methods: 236 patients answered the One Minute Test of IOF in the World Osteoporosis Day at the Brazilian Air Force Central Hospital, that was one of the places that was organized the event and was located in the IOF map, with the campaign #loveyourbones. The event was aproved by the board of IOF and was realized at 20 October. Results: 236 patients, 65 men and 171 women answered the test. Only 6,7% without any risk factors for Osteoporosis. The most prevalent non modifiable risk factors were age (53%) and family history (19,59%). Of the modifiable risk factors smoking was the more prevalent in men (29,2%) and women(16,9%), but both had low sun exposure (18,22%), falls related (16,52%) and corticosteroids use history (11%). In this group low body mass index was not so prevalent risk (2,54%). Conclusions: Knowing better the Osteoporosis and fractures risk factors, using the IOF One Minute Test in this population, it is possible to show to patients and general population the importance of the World Osteoporosis Day and the prevention therapies and the medical education based in lifestyle modifications that lower the risk of Osteoporosis and fractures.


 R.F. Zappala: None. A.B. Do Carmo: None. E.M. Gomes: None. M.H. de Almeida: None. Í.M. Tupinambá: None. R. Kroth: None. W. Terra: None.