17th Annual Levine-Riggs Diabetes Research Symposium


Elucidating the Molecular Mechanisms of Mig6-Induced Apoptosis during Glucolipotoxicity
Halesha D Basavarajappa, Caree Carson, Yi-Chun Chen and Patrick T Fueger


Cytokines Increase Global DNA Methylation While Altering Insulin and Amylin Expression  in Human Beta Cells
Jacqueline Pena Velasco, Michael G Spelios, Lauren A Kenna, Siham D Accacha, Regine Tipon and Eitan M Akirav


A Short-TERM Treatment with Oligonucleotide IMT504 Inhibits Insulitis and Lowers Blood Glucose in Female NON-Obese Diabetic (NOD/Ltj) MICE  
Stefania Bianchi, Milena Massimino, Carlos Libertun, Victoria A Lux-Lantos and Maria Silvia Bianchi


Development of Quantitative Methylation-Specific PCR Assay for Assessment of Natural Tregs
Mohamed I. Husseiny Elsayed, Ahmed Akef Fahmy, Weiting Du, Angel Gu, Anitha Rao, Ding Wang, Pablo Garcia, Fouad R Kandeel and Kevin George Ferreri


Relapsing/Remitting Type 1 Diabetes
Matthew Spindler, Fleur M. Keij, Kayleigh Montana van Megen, Ineke Bosch, Fleur Sprangers, Annet van Royen-Kerkhof, Tatjana Nikolic and Bart O Roep


The Thermogenic Capacity of Periaortic Adipose Tissue Is Reduced in Patients with Obesity
Diana Vargas, Angelica Wintaco, Carolina Lopez, Edward Acero, Jaime Camacho, Marisol Carreno, Juan Umaña and Fernando Lizcano



Hyperinsulinemia-Mediated Circadian Disruption in Breast Cancer Expansion
Cassandra A Ramos, Chun-Ting Cheng and David Ann

MON 520

Role of COH-SR4 in Xenobiotic Metabolism
Sharad S Singhal, James L Figarola, Jyotsana Singhal, Samuel Rahbar, Sulabh Singhal, David Horne and Arthur Riggs

MON 608

Post-Prandial Hypoglycemia Can be a Manifestation of Impaired Glucose Tolerance
Chong Yau Ong, Pelicano Ma Donna Balagapo, Shengyong Su and Yu Kwang Tay Donovan

MON 637

Serum Allograft Inflammatory Factor 1 Concentrations and Metabolic Parameters in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Shaimaa Samir Mashal, Fouad Khalifa Harras, Loai Mohamed Elahwal and Manal Abd Elwahed Eid


Elevations in Circulating Extracellular Vesicle Mir-21 As a Biomarker of Developing Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Alexander Lakhter, Farooq Syed, Bernhard Maier, Raghavendra G Mirmira, Carmella Evans-Molina and Emily Kristen Sims


Gastrin Stimulates Gene Expression in Diabetic but Not in Normal Human Islets
Ayelet Lenz, Kevin George Ferreri and Fouad R Kandeel


TTP399: A Liver-Selective and Therapeutically Viable Glucokinase Activator: Results from a 6-Month Phase 2 Study
Adrian Vella, Jennifer L.R. Freeman, Chris Dvergsten, Imogene Dunn and Carmen Valcarce

SAT 573

Plasma Levels of Resistin Correlate Negatively with Adenylyl Cyclase-Associated Protein 1 (CAP1) in Diet-Induced Obesity Mouse Model
Dimiter Bogdanov Avtanski, Panjamurthy Kuppusamy, Halis Sonmez, Valeriia Shnayder, Andrew Wolfe, Valentin A Pavlov, Kevin Tracey and Leonid Poretsky

SAT 631

Recognizing the Rare Complications of Common Disease -Spontaneous Diabetic Myonecrosis
Pratyusha Bollimunta, Venu Madhav Ganipisetti, Venkata Vajrala, Sreelakshmi Panginikkod and Sowjanya Naha

SAT 635

Recurrent Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome in the Setting of Uncontrolled Diabetes Type 1
Kimberly Kochersperger Lessard, Catherine Anastasopoulou and George Newman

SUN 244

Does Golgi Morphology Predict Golgi Trafficking Function?
Ariel Crocker, Matthew D Buschman, William Fenical and Seth Joel Field

SUN 575

Boosting Doc2b Expression in the Pancreatic Beta Cell Is Sufficient to Enhance Whole-Body Glucose Tolerance
Arianne Aslamy, Miwon Ahn, Eunjin Oh, Erika Olson, Ragadeepthi Tunduguru and Debbie Thurmond

SUN 576

Skin: A Proxy Tissue for the Investigation of Whole Body Glucose Homeostasis
Dylan T Ryan, Logan B DeHoff, Leryn J Reynolds, Sara Y Ngo Tenlep, Josh D Preston and Kevin J. Pearson

SUN 584

Effects of Maternal Metformin Exposure during Lactation on Mouse Offspring Metabolic Health
Brigid Gregg, Joshua Donnelly Brill, Nathalie Botezatu, Hannah Hafner, Allen Zhu and Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi

SUN 598

Cytokine Expression Pattern of CD4+ Memory T Cells from Children with Onset and Long-Term Type 1 Diabetes Are Promoted By IL-7
Julia Seyfarth, Katharina Förtsch, Hans-Jürgen Laws, Beate Karges, Ertan Mayatepek, Thomas Meissner and Marc Jacobsen

SUN 601

Dysfunctional Proinsulin Processing in Longstanding Type 1 Diabetes
Emily Kristen Sims, Julius Nyalwidhe, Fangqian Ouyang, Susan Perkins, Linda A DiMeglio, Janice Blum, Margaret Morris, Raghavendra G Mirmira, Jerry L Nadler, Teresa Mastracci and Carmella Evans-Molina

SUN 602

Chronic High Fat Feeding Restricts Islet mRNA Translation Initiation Independently of ER Stress Via DNA Damage and p53 Activation
Masayuki Hatanaka, Emily Anderson-baucum, Alexander Lakhter, Tatsuyoshi Kono, Yukio Tanizawa, Carmella Evans-Molina, Raghavendra G Mirmira and Emily Kristen Sims

SUN 623

Effect of Vildagliptin on Endothelial Function in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension
Luciana Neves Cosenso-Martin, Luiz Tadeu Giollo-Jr, Marcelo Nakazone and Jose Fernando Vilela-Martin Sr.

SUN 640

Successful Pregnancy and Childbirth Post Allogenic Islet Transplantation with Preservation of Graft Function and Insulin Independence
Mohamed El-Shahawy, Jeannette Hacker-Stratton, Donald Dafoe, Alice Peng, Behrouz Salehian, Julie Ann Ressler, Gabriel Danovitch, Lydia K Lee, Chris Orr, Meirigeng Qi, Kevin George Ferreri, Yoko Mullen, Ismail H. Al-Abdullah and Fouad R Kandeel