Islet Biology (posters)



Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Analogue Therapy Impacts Inflammatory Macrophages & Cytokine– Increasing Evidence for It's Anti-Inflammatory Actions
Andrew E Hogan, Lydia Lynch, Gadintshware Gaoatswe, Conor Woods, Ruaidhri Jackson, Jean M O'Connell, Paul N Moynagh and Donal O'Shea


Islet APJ is Essential for Pancreatic Islet Function
Song Han, Cristiana Rastellini, Ramendra Kundu, Thomas Quertermous, Ella W Englander and George H Greeley Jr.


The effect of all-trans Retinoic acid on the progression of diabetes in NOD mice
Sana Hasan, Frederick G Hamel, Ronda L Simpson, Cyrus V Desouza and Robert G. Bennett


Rb deletion in pancreatic progenitors leads to a dichotomous effect in pancreatic α and β-cell fate
Erica P. Cai, Xiaohong Wu, Stephanie A. Schroer, M. Cristina Nostro, Eldad Zacksenhaus and Minna Woo


The adenylyl cyclase inhibitor MDL-12,330A potentiates insulin secretion via blockade of Kv channels in rat pancreatic beta cells
Xiaodong Li, Qing Guo, Jingying Gao, Wan Zhang, Dongmei Wu, Yunfeng Liu and Yi Zhang



Endoplasmic reticulum stress induces apoptosis via IFN-γ production in pancreatic β-cells
Masashi Ichijo, Hiroki Shimura, Fumihiko Furuya, Sayaka Ichijo, Shoichiro Tanaka, Soichi Takizawa, Kaoru Aida, Toyoshi Endo and Tetsuro Kobayashi


Reducing Glycolytic Activity in Islets from db/db Mice Restores Oscillations and Increases Insulin Release
Kathryn L Corbin, Brett K Shaffer, Christopher D Waters and Craig S Nunemaker



Defects in the earliest events of insulin biosynthesis link to pancreatic beta cell failure and late onset diabetes
Huan Guo, Yi Xiong, Roberto lara-Lemus, Kathryn Hutchison, Shu-ou Shan, Peter Arvan and Ming Liu


Differential Proliferation and Gene Expression In Langerhans Islets due to a lack of functional GABAB receptors
Martin Crivello, Maria Marta Bonaventura, Bernhard Bettler, Carlos Libertun and Victoria A Lux-Lantos



The effects of acetylcholine signaling in the human pancreatic islet
Judith T. Molina, Alberto F Fachado, Per-Olof Berggren and Alejandro Caicedo


Enhancement of Two Commercial Insulin ELISAs using a Fluorescent Reporter System
Bruce D Gaylinn, Natalie N Walker, Susanna R Keller and Michael O Thorner


Distinct patterns of heparan sulfate expression in pancreatic islets
Aikaterini Theodoraki, Subathra Poopalasundaram, Youli Hu, Scott Guimond, Pulathis Siriwardana, Arie Oosterhof, Jerry Turnbull, Bernard Chong Eu Khoo, Brian Davidson, Toin vanKuppevelt and Pierre-Marc Gilles Bouloux


Effects of Chemokines CXCL1 and CXCL5 at Serum Levels on the Function of Insulin-producing Pancreatic Beta-cells
Hyeunn Chung, Gretchen M Verrilli, Kathryn L Corbin, Poonam R Sharma and Craig S Nunemaker


Brain death-induced inflammatory activity in human pancreatic tissue: a case-control study
Daisy Crispim, Tatiana Helena Rech, Jakeline Rheinheimer, Sabrina Barkan, Alessandro B Osvaldt and Cristiane Bauermann Leitão


Sexual Dimorphism in the Immune System Develops in the Perinatal Period
Lisa Ma, Mrinal Ghosh, Riva Dill, Arthur P Arnold, H. Konrad Muller and Ameae M Walker


Incretin secretion stimulated by ursodeoxycholic acid in healthy subjects and diabetics
Masanori Murakami, Naoko Une, Maiko Nishizawa, Sayaka Suzuki, Sachio Takekawa, Fumiko Iwashima, Hideki Ito, Yoshihiro Ogawa and Toshiyuki Horiuchi


Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Demonstrate Improved Fasting and 2-hour Insulin Following 8-Week Low Starch/Low Dairy Diet
Jennifer Lynn Phy, Ali Pohlmeier, Zainab Al-Ibraheemi, Jamie Cooper, Kitty Harris and Mallory Boylan


Insulin Independence after Allotransplantation of Fetal Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes: a 2-Years Follow-Up
Bagher Larijani, Farzaneh Abbasi, Maryam Ghodsi, Ramin Heshmat, Mohammad Ebrahimi, Mohammad Ali Sharifi and Mahsa Mohammad Amoli


Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem- cells for Treatment of Type 1 Diabetic Patients
Bagher Larijani, Ensieh Nasli, Kamran Ali Moghaddam, Nika Mojahed Yazdi, Peyvand Amini, Behrouz Nikbin Moghaddam and Ardeshir Ghavam Zadeh