Cardiometabolic Risk & Vascular Biology (posters)


Hepatitis A and B are Associated with an Increased Risk for Diabetes Mellitus
James Lin, Rudruidee Karnchanasorn, Horng-Yih Ou, Jean Huang, Wei Feng, Raynald Samoa, Lee-Ming Chuang and Ken C Chiu



Improved inpatient glycemic control and reduced insulin requirements in diabetic patients with advanced heart failure treated with left ventricular assist devices
Aashish Ajit Shah, Gayatri Jaiswal, Jason Prater, Ali R Shoraka, Victor Joseph Bernet, Parag Patel and Gunjan Yogendra Gandhi


Different associations of blood pressure with cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality according to age groups
Nam Hoon Kim, Jae Hee Ahn, Ji Hee Yu, Ho Cheol Hong, Hae Yoon Choi, Yoon Jung Kim, Hye Jin Yoo, Hee Young Kim, Ji A Seo, Sin Gon Kim, Kyung Mook Choi, Sei Hyun Baik, Dong Seop Choi, Chol Shin and Nan Hee Kim


Evaluation of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular risk markers in male patients with type 2 diabetes with normal and low testosterone levels
Karina Miragaya, Marcia Gabriela Jimenez, Miguel Walter Vasquez Cayoja, Ana Paula Lisdero, Marina Khoury, Matias Tinetti and Javier Mauricio Farias


Soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products (sRAGE) is associated with arterial stiffness only in normalbuminuric type 2 diabetes
Ester Chai Kheng Yeoh, Jian-Jun Liu, Lee Ying Yeoh, Subramaniam Tavintharan, Chee Fang Sum, Xiao Wei Ng, Wan Ching Toy, Sharon Pek and Su Chi Lim


Association of Advanced Glycosylation End products Receptor (RAGE) polymorphisms with coronary heart disease in post menopausal women
Xenofon Xyrafis, Sarantis Livadas, Athanasios Karachalios, Evangelos Marinakis, Claire Christakou, Christina Piperi, Panagiotis Kokkoris, Neoklis Georgopoulos and Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis


IGF binding protein-2 is associated not only with cardiovascular mortality but also with all-cause mortality in type 2 diabetes
Ram Prakash Narayanan, Robert L Oliver, Kirk Weston Siddals, Julie E Hudson, Rachelle P Donn, Adrian H Heald, William ER Ollier and J Martin Gibson


Both Low and High Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor I Levels Associate with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Elderly Men
Daniel Carlzon, Johan Svensson, Åsa Tivesten, Max Petzold, Osten Ljunggren, Magnus Karlsson, Dan Mellström and Claes Ohlsson


Population-specific IGF Levels and Relationship between Serum IGF1 and IGFBP3 Levels, Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes and Biochemical Variables
Ilhan Satman, Nese Colak Ozbey, Harika Boztepe, Aysegul Telci, Beyhan Omer, Yildiz Tutuncu, Ferihan Aral and Faruk Alagol


High fat/high fructose diet results in diastolic dysfunction in young C57Bl6/J female mice
Camila Manrique, Vincent G. DeMarco, Annayya R. Aroor, Javad Habibi, Irina Mugerfeld and James R. Sowers


Influence of Ancestry in Adiposity Anthropometric Measures in Hispanics with Type 2 Diabetes
Liliana Uribe-Bruce, Ondrej Libiger, Athena Philis-Tsimikas, Maria I. Garcia, Monica Ruiz, Nathan E Wineinger and Nicholas J Schork


Variation in the Waist Circumference of Risk in Black Populations: A Comparison of African Immigrants and African-Americans
Michelle Y O'Connor, Madia Ricks, Natalie LM Ramsey, Amber B Courville, Francine Thomas, Peter T Katzmarzyk, Jianhua Yao and Anne E Sumner


Central Adiposity and Insulin Resistance in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes
Lisa K Volkening, Charu Baskaran, Leah B Bellman, Tonja R Nansel, Leah M Lipsky, Sanjeev N. Mehta and Lori M Laffel


Adiposity in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Compared with a Normative Sample of Youth from NHANES
Charu Baskaran, Suzanne S Mickey, Lisa K Volkening, Tonja R Nansel, Leah M Lipsky, Sanjeev N. Mehta and Lori M Laffel


Changes in subclinical inflammatory markers observed during puberty are not related to insulin levels in a healthy pediatric population
Hernan Garcia Bruce, Clarita Ferrada, Alejandro Martinez, Marlene Aglony, Carolina Avalos, Carolina A Loureiro, Lilian Bolte, Cristian A Carvajal, Carmen Campino, Rodrigo Bancalari and Carlos E Fardella


Non-HDL Cholesterol in an Adolescent Diabetic Population
Ranita Elizebeth Kuryan, Marc S. Jacobson and Graeme R Frank


Cardiometabolic risks are present in adolescent girls with polycystic ovaries morphology
Marianna I Bak, Malgorzata Walewska-Wolf and Jolanta Szufladowicz-Wozniak