Diabetes in Pregnancy


Postpartum Lifestyle Intervention in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: a pilot feasibility study
Geetha Mukerji, Jennifer Price, Faith Delos-Reyes, Sarah McTavish and Lorraine Lucille Lipscombe


Maternal resveratrol supplementation reverses fetal hepatic lipid accumulation during maternal high fat diet exposure in non-human primate: Effect on mitochondrial activity and stress signals
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Metabolomic Response to an Oral Glucose Challenge in Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Annie Yang, Grace Xiong, Hang Lee, Catherine Kim and Rhonda Bentley-Lewis


Insulin Pump Use in Pregnancy is Associated with Better Glycemic Control Without Increasing the Rate of Severe Hypoglycemia or Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Women with Type 1 Diabetes
Melissa Kallas-Koeman, Jason M Kong, Jennifer Klinke, Sonia Butalia, Abhay Lodha, Kenneth Lim, Qiuli Duan and Lois E Donovan