Health Outcomes & Quality Improvement



Patient Perspectives on the Impact of Acromegaly: Results from Individual and Group Interviews
Michelle H. Gurel, Paul R. Bruening, Christine Rhodes and Kathleen Graham Lomax


Characterization of diagnosis and treatment patterns in the Clinical Practice Research Database (CPRD): a population study of men with hypogonadism with and without type 2 diabetes
Emily F Shortridge, Stephan Lanes, Paula K Polzer, Charles Wentworth, Elisa A Razzoli, Melissa Jeffers, Dara Putthoff Schuster and Glenn Matfin


Medication Treatment Patterns Among Hypogonadal Men Initiated Topical Testosterone Agents
Michael J Schoenfeld, Emily F Shortridge, Zhanglin Lin Cui and David Muram


Outcomes of Electronic-consultation versus In-Person Clinic Management for Type 2 Diabetes
Payal Patel, Bryan Jiang, Sabina Hurr, Morgan Green, Madhuri Vasudevan, Marco Marcelli and Sanjay Navin Mediwala