Copeptin Levels Measured Within 24 Hours After Pituitary Surgery Predict Later Development of Diabetes Insipidus
Bettina Winzeler, Nicole Nigro, Christian Zweifel, Birsen Arici, Martina Bally, Claudine Angela Blum, Christopher Kelly, Luigi Mariani, Hans Landolt, Philipp Schuetz, Beat Mueller and Mirjam Christ-Crain


Deaths Among Adult Patients With Hypopituitarism: Hypocortisolism During Acute Stress, and De Novo Malignant Brain Tumors Contribute to An Increased Mortality
Pia Burman, Anders F Mattson, Gudmundur Johannsson, Charlotte Hoybye, Helen Holmer, Per Dahlqvist, Katarina Berinder, Britt Eden Engstrom, Bertil Ekman, Eva Marie Erfurth, Johan Svensson, Jeanette Wahlberg and F Anders Karlsson



Tasimelteon Treatment Entrains the Circadian Clock and Demonstrates a Clinically Meaningful Benefit in Totally Blind Individuals With Non-24-Hour Circadian Rhythms
Steven W Lockley, Marlene A Dressman, Changfu Xiao, Dennis M Fisher, Rosa Torres, Christian Lavedan, Louis Licamele and Mihael H Polymeropoulos