Cushing's Disease & Non-Functioning Hypothalamic-Pituitary Tumours


Pituitary MRI findings in patients with pituitary and ectopic ACTH –dependent Cushing syndrome: Can inferior petrosal sinus sampling (IPSS) be avoided?
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Susmeeta T. Sharma, Hershel Raff, Russell R Lonser, Edward Hudson Oldfield and Lynnette Kaye Nieman


Changes in corticotroph tumor size and plasma ACTH levels in Cushing's disease (CD) patients during long-term treatment with the glucocorticoid antagonist mifepristone (MIFE)
Maria Fleseriu, James W. Findling, Christian A. Koch, Sven-Martin Schlaffer, Michael Buchfelder and Coleman Gross


Clinical, metabolic, biochemical and radiological characterisation of patients with thyrotropinomas reveals a highly variable phenotype
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Pituitary Adenomas due to Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Interacting Protein (AIP) Gene Mutations: Genotypic-Phenotypic Characteristics, Screening and Prospective Diagnosis
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Xanthogranuloma, Rathke‘s cyst, and Childhood Craniopharyngioma – Results of Prospective Multinational Studies of Children and Adolescents with Rare Sellar Malformations
Hermann Lothar Muller, Ursel Gebhardt, Andreas Faldum, Monika Warmuth-Metz, Torsten Pietsch, Fabian Pohl and Gabriele Calaminus