Sex Hormone Receptors in Development, Aging and Cancer: Omics Approaches


Modulation of Estrogen Receptor Expression in the Aging Brain by Environmental Enrichment
Melinda E Wilson, Jenne M Westberry, Katherine M Murray, M Katherine McKenna and Tomoko Sengoku



A Small Molecule Inhibitor Reveals a Novel Pathway of Estrogen Receptor α Action and Induces Regression of Breast Cancers
Neal D Andruska, Xujuan Yang, Chengjian Mao, Mathew M Cherian, Lily Mahapatra, William Helferich and David J Shapiro


Tissue-Specific Androgen Receptor Cistromes Identify Divergent Collaborating Factors in Mouse Prostate, Epididymis and Kidney
Paivi Pihlajamaa, Biswajyoti Sahu, Viljami Aittomaki, Lauri Lyly, Sampsa Hautaniemi and Olli A Janne