Obesity: Novel Mechanisms of Body Weight Regulation


The Orphan G Protein Coupled Receptor 83 (GPR83) Modulates Ghrelin Receptor Signaling in Vitro and in Vivo
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Anorexigenic Estradiol Effects Do Not Involve Leptin-STAT3 Signaling
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Specific Heparin Binding Domains Within IGFBP2 Mediate Its Ability to Inhibit Preadipocyte Differentiation
Gang Xi, Melissa Solum, Christine Wai, Clifford J Rosen and David R Clemmons


Ghrelin Deletion Prevents Aging Associated Obesity and Muscle Dysfunction
Jose Manuel Garcia, Bobby O Guillory and Tripti Halder


Metabolic Effects Of Dietary Linoleic ACID and Fructose
Poonamjot Deol, Jane R Evans, Soo Han, Karthikeyani Chellappa and Frances M. Sladek