Hormone-Dependent Tumors (posters)


Thiazolidinediones augment anticancer effects of XIAP inhibition on human ovarian granulosa cell tumor-derived cells through PPARγ activation
Simon Chu, Edwina Oliver, Dilys TH Leung, Yong Nian Chee, Maria Alexiadis, John Silke and Peter J Fuller


Potential Benefit of Hormonal Therapy for Non-Uterine Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS)
Li Li, Robin Jacob, Isaiah P Schuster, Kenneth H Hupart and Vladimir Gotlieb


High Sensitivity Ketosteroids Assay Using Derivatization and LC-ESI/MS/MS
Michal Star-Weinstock, Brian Leslie Williamson, Subhasish Purkayastha, Subhakar Dey, Sasi Pillai and Renee Huang


Pheochromocytoma Induced Cardiomyopathy
Maria Elena Pena, Ageliki S Valsamis and Yael Tobi Harris


Hypercalcemia in Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome: A Case Series
Diala El-Maouche, Lynnette K. Nieman and Susmeeta T. Sharma


18F-DEG-VS-Exendin-4 as a PET probe for insulinoma imaging
Zhanhong Wu, Shuanglong Liu, Indu Nair, Ivan Todorov, Zibo Li, John E Shively and Fouad R Kandeel


Hypoglycemia in a patient with a “big"-IGF-II producing tumor
Gonnie M. Alkemade, Martijn Bakker, Bart Rikhof, Frank F.A. IJpma, Philip M. Kluin, Jaap van Doorn and Robin P.F. Dullaart


Immunohistochemical Expression of D2 Dopamine Receptor and p53 Protein in 170 Meningiomas
Miriam da Costa Oliveira, Julia Fernanda Semmelmann Pereira-Lima, Geraldine Trott, Carolina G.S. Leaes, Marícia Fantinel D'Ávila and Nelson Pires Ferreira


Effect of Method and Collection Medium on Chromogranin A Reference Ranges
Kristin K Clemens, Hala H Mosli, Alan Dennis, Walter Kocha, Linda Asher and Stan Van Uum