Cancers of Endocrine Organs: Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis & Progression


27-Hydroxycholesterol, a Macrophage Synthesized Cholesterol Metabolite, as a Link Between Hypercholesterolemia and Breast Cancer Pathophysiology
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Leptin Signaling Is Necessary For Stem Cell And Metastatic Behaviors In Breast Cancer
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TMPRSS2-ERG mediates tumor progression through microRNA in prostate cancer
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Development of a Series of Knockout Mice to Model the Stages of Follicular Thyroid Cancer
Daphne R Pringle, Vasyl Vasko, Lianbo Yu, Albert F Parlow, Motoyasu Saji, Matthew David Ringel, Krista M.D. La Perle and Lawrence Steven Kirschner


Order of acquisition of genetic changes leads to distinct adrenocortical tumor phenotypes
Maryline Herbet, Aude Salomon, Jean-Jacques Feige and Michaël Thomas